Tech-A-Thon: Computer Science Society

Tech-A-Thon, the Computer Science society of Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, University of Delhi, has a bunch of geeks set out to make the ever-evolving world of Information. Technology more enjoyable, and understandable for everyone. It is committed to promote tech literacy to everyone. It has been our agenda to profess that computing is beyond writing complex codes. The society strives to extend beyond the conventional domains through a series of multi-disciplinary events and it works on different projects and initiatives throughout the year.


Brushing up your technophile talents, Tech-A-Thon brings to you its annual technical fest, Sanganak Vimarsh. It is an exciting learning platform for technocrats and students passionate about solving real-world problems with cutting-edge solutions. It is intended to provide students with a pathway to showcase their ideas and innovations while competing with other students through a series of interactive and innovative challenges.

Sanganak Vimarsh

“Sanganak Vimarsh” is the annual fest organized by Tech-A-Thon, the CS society of ARSD. As the name suggests, the fest aims to bring like-minded tech enthusiasts together to collaborate, build and compete in various events, held throughout the usual two or three-day duration of the fest. The events hosted, range from intense competitions as quizzes, hackathons and coding tournaments; to fun-centred relaxing events such as gaming tournaments, treasure hunts and informative laid-back speaker sessions.

Students from multiple colleges and universities actively take part in the events to showcase their skills, all while solving practical problems and learning new things. They form teams and connect with students from different backgrounds, making Tech-A-Thon an inter-college community. The community members will help each other out in their coding ventures, openly discussing their ideas and preferences.

The projects built by the teams participating are evaluated based on their creativity and efforts, and the winners are chosen. Other events maintain the tally of participants’ scores, and by the end, the people at the top are filtered out.

The winners and the participants with the most innovative and creative ideas are rewarded with various prizes that include exclusive goodies and swag.
Overall, the fest is a rollercoaster of games and challenges to all the participants on board!

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