Awards & Recognition

Prof. Sunita Bhagat

  • Selected as  Fellow,Delhi School of Public Health, Institute of Eminence, Delhi University in  June, 2022
  • Awarded INSA Teacher’s Award 2017 for Excellence in Teaching and Research.
  • Awarded Chemistry Teacher Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research in December, 2014  by Coastal Chemical Research Society, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.
  • Awarded Best Chemistry Teacher Award  (Undergraduate category) 2013 by Tata Chemicals, CII, Royal Society of Chemistry and ACT
  • Awarded finalist for Best Chemistry Teacher Award in 2011(Undergraduate category) by IACT and Tata Chemicals.
Dr. Om Prakash Yadav

  • Awarded Commendable Research Award  in 2018 for his contribution in the research by Delhi Technical University.
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