Department of Chemistry

Our Department

The Department of Chemistry stands for excellence in chemical education and research. It is one of the oldest departments of the college, established in the year 1959. It has a strong record of achievement in chemical science and technology research with the support of a dynamic team consisting of teaching staff, non-teaching staff, project fellows and inspired research students. The areas covered under the department’s teaching include fundamental chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry and the related technological extensions. The growth of the Department can be viewed from the fact that it is running various research projects, amount running up to 3 crores. It has published nearly 180 international and national publications; teachers have received numerous awards etc. Each faculty is actively engaged in teaching, research work and has published several research papers in reputed journals.

Right from its beginning, the Department has been privileged enough to have highly qualified, committed and hardworking faculty to guide and shape the student’s future. The department has had the distinction of having the finest academicians like Dr. P S Raghvan, awarded the Best Teacher Award by University of Delhi (2009); Dr. M S Sethi, has published books in collaborations with Professor Satake, Fukui University Japan. The department has also been served by Professor A K Bakshi, Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi and Founding Vice-Chancellor, PDM University.

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