CS-Activity Reports

Academic YearName of the Workshop/ seminar/ ConferenceReport of the Program
2021-22Webinar on Design Thinking: Modern Tool for Problem SolvingView Report
2021-22Build@ARSDView Report
2021-22CodeOff@ARSDView Report
2021-22GeoguessrView Report
2021-22Meme WarView Report
2021-22TechtriviaView Report
2020-21Webinar on Career Opportunities after GraduationView Report
2020-21Webinar on Ignite on Inner SelfView Report
2020-21Webinar on Applications of Mathematics in Software ReliabilityView Report
2020-21Webinar on NP- Hard Problems in AlgorithmsView Report
2020-21Webinar on Open-Source Software EvolutionView Report
2019-20Sanganak Vimarsh 2020View Report
2019-20Sanganak Vimarsh 2020View Report
2019-20Seminar on Genetic Algorithm and its ApplicationView Report
2019-20Seminar on Towards Self-RealizationView Report
2019-20Seminar on Trending in ITView Report
2018-19Seminar on A Rendezvous with the world of animationView Report
2018-19Seminar on Internet of ThingsView Report
2018-19Sanganak Vimarsh 20219View Report
2018-19Sanganak Vimarsh 2019View Report
2018-19Sanganak Vimarsh 2019View Report
2017-18Seminar on Information SecurityView Report
2017-18Workshop on Cyber SecurityView Report
2017-18Motivational SeminarView Report
2017-18Seminar on Role of Modelling in Software EngineeringView Report
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