Chairperson’s Message

Chairperson’s Message

Dear Colleagues,

A warm welcome to all our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors exploring our vibrant community through our website. ARSD has a rich tradition of excellence in education, research, and community service.

As we navigate through the challenges and opportunities each year, we remain committed to providing an environment that fosters intellectual growth, creativity, and innovation. Six decades since its inception, the College continues to achieve new heights and has been ranked 6th in NIRF (MoE) and accredited A++ by NAAC, with the highest score of 3.77 in India.

Our College prides itself on an equitable and holistic approach to education. We believe in nurturing the academic prowess and moral, social, and physical development of its stakeholders. Our distinguished faculty, diverse student body, and state-of-the-art facilities are the pillars that support our mission to inspire and prepare our students to excel in a global society.

The achievements of our alumni across various fields bear testament to our commitment to excellence. From groundbreaking research to leading corporate, government, and non-profit organizations, our alumni are making a difference globally. Their success fuels our passion for continuous improvement and innovation in our curriculum and teaching methodologies. Academically, we have several prestigious grants and publications to our credit. We have been recognized as educational leaders and trendsetters in creating an optimal learning environment. Our staff, students and faculty members have benefited from regular faculty development programmes, internship fairs, research activities, new add-on, certificate and value-added courses, and entrepreneurship incubators.

At ARSD, we know our responsibility towards the environment and our community. We strive for sustainability in all our operations and encourage our students to engage in initiatives that give back to the community. Our various outreach programs and partnerships with local organizations aim to create a positive impact beyond our campus.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the future as we continue to invest in infrastructure and resources to enhance our educational offerings and campus facilities. Our strategic plan envisions a future where ARSD is a place for gaining knowledge and a community where every member is empowered to achieve their full potential.

We hope the college website will help you discover more about our academic programs, research initiatives, and campus life. Whether you are considering joining our community or are already a part of it, we are here to support your journey towards achieving your dreams. Together, we are shaping the future, one student at a time.

Warmest Regards

Mr. Pawan Jaggi

Chairperson, ARSDC


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