Chairperson’s Message



Chairperson’s Message

Dear Colleagues,

2022-23 has been a stellar year for ARSD College as it got accredited A++ by NAAC with a score of 3.77, the highest one in all the colleges of the University of Delhi to date and it gives me great pleasure to congratulate the College body on their remarkable achievement. Their commitment to enhancing the reputation of this College as well as their dedicated push towards excellence is admirable and is visible in their all-India rank 6th in NIRF by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. 60 years since its inception, ARSD’s spirit remains strong, and I am proud to see evidence of this in its rigorous approach to research and innovation.

The College is committed to a model of quality education that is equitable and leads to the holistic development of all its stakeholders. Its myriad outreach and extension activities conducted through various vibrant societies of the college and its participation in programmes like Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, and Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan fosters in students and faculty members a better understanding of the society and helps turn the students into better citizens.

Academically, we have gone from strength to strength, with several prestigious grants and publications to our credit. We have been recognized as leaders in education and trendsetters in creating an optimal learning environment. We have promoted the growth of our students into sensitized global citizens. Our staff, students and faculty members have benefited from our determination to foster merit and quality at every level. Regular Faculty Empowerment Programmes, internship fairs, research activities, new Add-on, Certificate and Value-addition courses, and entrepreneurial activities demonstrate our dedication in this regard.

I commend my colleagues, non-teaching staff and the student body on constantly testing boundaries. Their enthusiasm to achieve the best results speaks to the spirit of this organization and its boundless capacity for growth. May this spirit never waver and this institution soar ever so high.

 Mr. Pawan Jaggi



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