Campus for Differently Abled

Differently abled friendly Campus: A Place for all

The college has facilities for differently abled staff and students in the form of ramps, wheelchair, reserved parking, tactile pathways and signages, customised washrooms and teaching-learning aids and softwares in the library. It has Divyangjan accessible website compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The College has Equal Opportunity Cell which works to create a welcoming and inclusive campus environment where every student feels valued and respected regardless of their background, identity, or abilities. The Cell, in collaboration with Help the Blind Foundation, Hong Kong, has been providing financial assistance worth Rs.10,000/- each to 6 visually-challenged students. The College distributed motorized wheelchairs, scooties, and Apple MacBook Air laptops to differently-abled students of Delhi University as part of its MoU with SDRS. To strengthen the inclusive environment ARSD is on the way to establish an Enabling Unit too in the college.

The College principal also received recognition twice from Society for Disability and Rehabilitation Studies (SDRS) for making the campus of ARSD completely barrier-free for higher education of students of disabilities.

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