Activity Calendar 2023-24

Date of Event Name of Event
21st June 2023 International Yoga day
14th June -20th July 2023 Help Desk
5th July-25th July 2023 UBA (Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan) Field Work
14th August 2023 Independence Day
3rd – 10th August 2023 Orientation Program (Any one day in between)
10th – 15th August 2023 Interviews  (Any one day in between)
20th -25th August 2023 General Meeting (Any one day in between)
29th August 2023 Sports Day
5th September 2023 Plantation Drive &Teacher’s Day
24th-29th September 2023 NSS Week
2nd October 2023 Gandhi Jayanti
15th – 25th October 2023 Seminar on Non-Violence (Any one day in between)
15th – 25th October 2023 Awareness rally on Gandhi Ideology (Any one day in between)
15th – 25th October 2023 Quiz Competition (Any one day in between)
15th – 25th October 2023 Visit Gandhi Museum And Gandhian Sight
31st October 2023 Unity Day
7th November 2023 Cancer Awareness Day
14th November 2023 Children’s Day
20th November 2023 Transgender Day
1st December 2024 Worlds Aids Day
1st January 2024 New Year Meeting
12thJanuary 2024 National Youth Day
25th January 2024 National Voters Day
26th January 2024 Republic Day
30th January 2024 Martyr’s Day
8th March 2024 International Women’s Day
7th April 2024 World Health Day
21st May 2024 Anti –Terrorism Day
31st May 2024 World No Tobacco Day

Mandatory activities to be followed

  • Camp or Home stay
  • Regular sessions per week for physical activities
  • General Meetings per month
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • First Aid Workshop or camp
  • Self Defense Training
  • Josh Talks (At least 2)
  • Nukkad Nataks (to be conducted as much as possible)
  • Disaster Management Camp
  • Road Safety Week

Sevadeep activities and Shri Ram JJ Camp activities will be decided by the team and conducted on a regular basis.

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