Cafeteria- Forging students , leisurely!

What you eat is what you are ! A healthy  mind can only reside in a healthy body!

Inside the sprawling campus of the ARSD college , there is one cafeteria which caters to the need of students and staff members.The Cafeteria has a ventilated open kitchen for preparation of  food items. The staff maintains  utmost hygiene  at the food counters. The cook prepares a variety of purely vegetarian North Indian, South Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines to suit the tastes of all students. Management members  share the food of both mess & cafeteria regularly to ensure that there is no let down in the quality. The college canteen serves healthy and nutritious snacks, meals and beverages at reasonable prices  from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. In addition to the canteen, the college has a kiosk run by Mother Dairy that supplies Ice-creams, Flavoured Milk, Butter Milk and Curd on most of the days for energy boost . The cafeteria has proper storage spaces for grocery  and dish washing area. Water supply for cooking and drinking purpose is from the  Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Plant. The cafeterias are very spacious in order to accommodate large number of students and also have comfortable sitting plan.The  ambience of the cafeterias is soothing  and relaxing that it tempt you to come here again and again. There is a  well-organized “coupon” system is followed in the cafeteria in which a coupon is bought from the main counter and this coupon is used to get the desired food item. The prices of the food items are fixed by the college authorities and are easily affordable by the students. The quality of food items is regularly monitored by the  Incharge  of the Canteen. The specialty of the cafeterias is its tea and coffee which are totally addicting and energising. College cafeterias are good enough for students to avoid purchases from shops outside the college. We at ARSD College believe that improvement is a continuous process. Complaints and suggestions if any are always welcome from the students for the improvement in services. For this the students can contact the Teacher Incharge of the Canteen directly. ARSD College follows the mantra of “fun-learning” which is why it promotes studying along with great hangout experience !!!

Special Features

  • Well manpowered cafeteria
  • A hygienic catering
  • Purified Drinking water
  • Well equipped with modernized cooking appliances
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