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  • Arteysania organised a Poster Making Competition:Kalakari Humanity vs Covid 19

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    ARTEYSANIA, the Fine Arts and Craft Society of ARSD College recognises the current crisis, which the Humanity is facing.Its a war like situation, nobody asks anyone to stay indoors. You stay indoors by choice.You don't insist on your freedom. You willingly give it up.The world is currently in a state of war.*The army in this war is without mercy. It is without any milk of human kindness. It is an invisible, fleetfooted, and ruthlessly effective army.Its only agenda is a harvest of death. It is Coronavirus. Also known as COVID-19* .In these times an effort was made to nurture the social, emotional and academic competence of student community.
    Arteysania organised a Poster Making Competition:
    Humanity vs Covid 19.
    The Competition received an overwhelming response and the Best 5 Entries along with Special Mentions are being put up on the Website.

  • Help Desk for Students of ARSD College Stuck in PGs/FLATs in Delhi

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    Dear Students, the whole Nation is facing a very difficult time due to pandemic Covid-19. We the Indians are fighting unitedly against this epidemic. The students’ Union of ARSD College is standing firmly to help out our fellow students in need. We hope that every student is safe in their homes and are taking all the precautions, but if anyone is stuck in PGs/Flats, with limited groceries and supplies or Medical aid, and isn’t able to leave for their homes due to Nationwide Lockdown please feel free to contact us round the clock 24×7
    We’ll try to help in whatever way possible. In any case please contact the following :
    Dr G.K. Jha, Principal
    Mr. Ashok, Convener, Students Union
    Sh.Rajesh Makkar,S.O.(Admn.)
    72909 77916
    Mr Nishant Kumar, President
    70152 69714
    Mr Akash Yadav, Secretary
    call 70987 46666

  • Ennovate’20, Enactus ARSD’s first Enactus Day celebrated!!

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    Ennovate’20, Enactus ARSD’s first Enactus Day event, was held on the 5th of February, 2020. A day for budding entrepreneurs to learn, interact and compete, Ennovate brought together teams- Enactus or otherwise- from 30+ colleges, in a celebration of the spirit of social entrepreneurship. The opening event- a panel discussion on ‘Philanthropy- From Dharma to Karma’, was graced by the presence of 2 eminent panellists- Mr. Ravi Kalra, renowned social activist, environmentalist and founder of the internationally recognised NGO, The Earth Saviours Foundation, and Mr. Amit Kumar Sinha, founder and director at Jamghat NGO. Both, being exceedingly experienced in the field of social work, had much to add to the discourse- from insights into building an organisation that helps those in need and sustaining its progress, to the plight of our environment and society.

    The Enactus Fair comprised of stalls set up by 14 Enactus teams, including our own, each showcasing its work and progress. An impressive footfall throughout the day allowed all teams  to make considerable sales and promote their ongoing projects among students and teachers alike. Projects featured products from healthy chips, house plants, to bags, notebooks and folders.

    In one of the three competitive events, Envision – The Case Study Challenge, 12 teams set out to tackle urgent global dilemmas by developing innovative entrepreneurial solutions based on their case studies. From solutions for declining eco-tourism to pollution by cigarette  butts,  participants impressed us all with their unique thinking and individualistic approaches to  business for a world. The judges provided valuable insights into each presentation and it was much appreciated by all participants. First prize was conferred on Enactus JMC, second prize was awarded to Enactus Hansraj college, third prize went to Enactus CVS college and a special mention to the team from JMI.

    The second event, En-quiz-ito, was the quiz competition which saw a participation of 30+ teams from various colleges. It consisted of two rounds: the Prelims and the Mains. Out of the all the ardent students, awaiting their triumph, six teams were selected after the Prelims. The six teams then went on to compete in the Mains. 3 out of 6 teams were eliminated and the remaining 3 teams competed for the final prize by answering questions in the rapid fire round. The winners were announced soon after. Sri Venkateswara college claimed the 1st position and second and third runner ups were from Sri Aurobindo College and SGGSSC respectively. The winners were felicitated with certificates, cash prize and coupons. The participants thoroughly enjoyed and gave a positive feedback for the well executed quiz.

    The final event, EnAct- Promote to Float, shed light on crucial topics, such as water scarcity, women’s safety etc., and made the participants think about how various products available to us, harm the environment; asking them to promote the use of their substitutes. The competition encouraged the participants to come up with innovative ideas to promote the given product or come up with a new variant altogether, demanding the contestants to spread awareness about the issue provided. First position was bagged by JEMTECH, Noida, while the 1st and 2nd runner- ups were Dyal Singh (evening) College and Sri Aurobindo College, respectively. The team from ARSD College received a special mention for the idea to initiate a conversation among the people on water scarcity, highlighting the seriousness of the issue and the need of bringing about changes around us and to tackle the present situation.

    Ennovate’20 was truly a great experience to learn and network with people who have similar thoughts and goals to push the youth forward and establish businesses that make the world a better place to live in.

  • NSS ARSD organised a Blood Donation Camp!!

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    “A few drops of your blood may make the difference between life and death”

    Blood shortage is a very big issue in India, merely due to lack of awareness and above all, a lot of misconceptions.

    And seeing this, NSS ARSD and Students Union, in collaboration with Lions Club International 321A Bengali Market, had organised a Blood Donation Camp on 29th January, 2020.

    The camp marked an attendance of many donors, who selflessly took up the great responsibility of blood donation.
    A total of 111 units of blood was collected successfully, which can now be used to help those in need for it.

    A big thank you to all the donors, the real heroes!

  • Enactus ARSD celebrated Christmas with Earth Saviours Foundation!!

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    “To get the full value of joy,you must have someone to divide it with.”

    Enactus ARSD is built on values like compassion, empathy, kindness and love. We under Project ‘Samvedna’ truly believe in caring through giving. This Christmas, we went to The Earth’s Saviours Foundation. We went as secret santas for the people, who are deprived of these little factors of enjoyment and contentment. This visit was so much more than a mere session or counselling exercise, it was us spreading happiness by distributing chocolates, biscuits, toffees, peanuts and sweets, it was the feeling of accomplishment we got from seeing their bright smiles, the solace we got from their hugs, the joy of singing and humming with them and the perfect moments etched on our hearts forever. Moreover, we even met with the founder of ESF, Mr Ravi kalra who welcomed us with warmth and geniality. The conversations and how they talked to us about all the cruelties they have endured and the harsh experiences they have had, were reasons enough for us to realize how we need them as much as they need us to keep us grounded.
    This festive season at Enactus ARSD is all about the Joy of Giving, recognizing every little moment of happiness and being the reason behind someone’s biggest smile and heartiest laughter.
    On this occasion of Christmas be the santa in someone’s life with the spirit of giving and discover the true meaning of living.

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