Admission Process

Step I: Declaration of Cut-off

The University shall declare a minimum of five Cut-Offs. In case, there are still some vacant seats left, further Cut-Offs may be announced by the University. If needed, the University may also conduct special drive in order to fill vacant seats against reserved category. In case of vacant seats left after the first five Cut-Offs, there will be a special Cut-Off only for those candidates who could not/ did not take admission in the initial five Cut-Offs for whatsoever reasons.

Special Cut–Off

  1. The cut-off for the Special Cut-Off admissions will be the last cut-off declared by the college for a particular course. That is, if a college had declared 3rd cut-off for a particular course and no further cut-off was declared thereafter, and there are vacant seats after the University has completed the 5th round of cut-off, the Special Cut-Off for this particular course of the College will be that as declared in the 3rd cut-off.
  2. The colleges will declare the number of seats left vacant in each course after the 5th Cut-Off.
  3. There will be no movement allowed during this Special Cut-Off.
  4. The applicant gives his/ her preferences of the available course (A) and available colleges (B).
  5. The allotments to the course and the colleges, only for the Special Cut-Off , will be made centrally using the formula (min A + min B) where A is the preference to a course and B the preference to a college, B will be dependent on A.

Step II: Selection of Course and College

Upon declaration of the the nth Cut-Off list, applicants must log in to their Dashboards on the UG admission portal to choose the course and college they wish to claim admission in from the list of colleges and courses they are eligible for. At a time, during a cut-off list, the applicant is allowed to choose only one course and one college. Simultaneously,multiple admissions are not permitted .

  1. Please note selection of applicant’s college and course can be made only online through their own Dashboard on the UG admissions portal( ). There will be no physical visit to the colleges at this point in the process.
  2. The procedure for choosing the course and the college by the applicant must be completed within the stipulated time interval.
  3. Within a cut-off the applicant will not be allowed to change his/ her choice of course and college.

Step III: Online verification of documents by the college

The College shall verify the documents uploaded by the applicant for eligibility and meeting the required Cut -Off.

  1. Course in-charge to verify the minimum qualifications and cut-off requirement, else to decline.
  2. Convener admission to recheck and approve the admission or decline.
  3. Principal to approve admission for cases approved in (ii) and to confirm declining admission for those declined by the Convener.
  4. In case of lack of necessary documents, candidate to be contacted on email/phone so that the same may be provided. In case the candidate does not respond, or where documents remain insufficient, the admission to be declined by citing the reason. No application will be left undecided. It will either be approved or declined
  5. The applicant to be communicated the status of the application on their dashboard.
  6. Those approved are required to pay the fee and receive a confirmation of their admission. Those declined admission are provided a link to raise any objection with the Grievance Committee.

Step IV: Payment of fees to confirm admission

Once the Principal of the College has approved their admission, the applicant will receive a link on their Dashboard on the UG Admissions portal through which they must submit the college/course fees due. This fee can only be paid online through the portal.

  1. The applicant is advised to pay the fee without delay within 24 hours of the approval of admission by the Principal of the College, and save the acknowledgement slip bearing transaction ID, Credit Card/ Debit card/ Netbanking details and date of transaction as a proof for future reference. On successful payment of fees, the applicant is granted provisional admission to the college.
  2. It is extremely important that applicants pay the fee within the timeframe allocated, failing which it will be concluded that the applicant is not interested in the course of study at that college, and the admission will be automatically cancelled.
  3. Once the applicant has gained admission, they will have to sign an online declaration stating, “ All the information provided by me are correct. In case any information provided by me is found to be false and/ or is not supported by the documents presented by me, I understand that the admission will be immediately cancelled and no fees will be refunded. I shall abide by all the rules and regulations laid down by the University and the College .”

Step V: Physical verification of the original documents

The uploaded documents will be verified by the respective colleges within the stipulated time period. If at this stage it is found that the information given by the applicant is false and/ or is not supported by the documents presented, the admission will be immediately cancelled. No fees will be refunded in such cases. Process for change of Course/College in subsequent Cut-Offs If, in subsequent lists, the applicant finds themselves eligible for admission to any other colleges/courses, they should ensure their eligibility by carefully examining the eligibility requirements of the Course/College/ Department.

  1. Applicants are advised to exercise extreme care to ensure that they meet the requirements for the Course/College . Once they are certain they wish to cancel admission in the course/college they initially had gained admission to in the previous list, the applicant must log in to the UG Admissions portal to cancel their admission through their Dashboard.
  2. A cancellation fee will be levied, and they may now choose a new combination of course and college, subject to eligibility and meeting course-specific requirements. Once again, the applicant must complete steps V-VIII.
  3. Only one cancellation is allowed per Cut-off list. Cancellation for readmission in another merit-based college/course will not be possible in the first Cut-off list. Such cancellations wherein the applicant seeks readmission in another merit-based college/course option may be attempted only in subsequent list onwards. Within a cutoff the applicant will not be allowed to change his/ her choice of course and college. The total number of cancellations will be restricted to (n-1) where “n” is the total number of Cut-off Lists.
  4. Once an applicant has cancelled his/ her admission, he/ she cannot be re-admitted to that course/college automatically, and must undergo the admission process anew, subject to availability of seats and the applicant meeting course-specific eligibility requirements.
  5. When the applicant cancels their previous admission in the subsequent Cut-Off List, the refunded fee amount will be visible in the “Wallet” section of the Dashboard. A cancellation fee of Rs. 1,000 (Rupees One thousand only) will be deducted and this will be reflected in the refunded amount visible in the “Wallet”.
  6. Through the Dashboard after the subsequent admission is approved, the admission fee will be adjusted automatically and the applicant will have to pay only the balance fee if it is more than the fees already paid at the previous college. If the fee in the latter college is less, the balance will be refunded to the applicant?s account or to an account declared by the applicant as per the College/University rules after the admissions are closed. In case of any change in the admission process for Merit based UG admission, it will be notified on the website of the University of Delhi. All aspirants must register online as per the procedure and schedule that will be notified on the University of Delhi website (
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