WDC-Activity Reports

Academic YearName of the Workshop/ seminar/ ConferenceReport of the Program
2021-22Empowerment Through Women's CollectiveView Report
2021-22International Women’s Day: Break the BiasView Report
2021-22Talk on Women in Indian History: Emerging PerspectivesView Report
2021-22Training Workshop on Stand-up Against Street HarassmentView Report
2021-22Understanding Gender: Enabling DiversityView Report
2019-20Seminar on Indian Women and CultureView Report
2019-20The Role of Legislation in Women EmpowermentView Report
2018-19Self Defence Training ProgramView Report
2018-19Awareness of Various Legal Laws Related to WomenView Report
2018-19Seminar in Light of #MetooView Report
2018-19A Lecture on Mahila: Kal Aaj aur KalView Report
2018-19Interaction with Hindustan Newspaper TeamView Report
2018-19Visit to National Commission for Women - Panel DiscussionView Report
2017-18A Ten Day Self Defence TrainingView Report
2017-18A Talk on International Women’s DayView Report
2017-18A Talk on Gender FreedomView Report
2017-18Talk, Street Play and Exhibition on International Women’s dayView Report
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