Activity Reports

Academic YearName of the Workshop/ seminar/ ConferenceReport of the Program
2021-22Recent Advances in Mathematical SciencesView Report
2021-22Emotional Paradigm and WellnessView Report
2021-22Workshop On Chemistry Lab Instruments And EquipmentsView Report
2021-22International Conference On RAFM-2022View Report
2021-22Soft Skill Training Program For Our Non-Teaching StaffView Report
2021-22Refresher Course On “The Quintessential Education – Challenges and opportunities in the Changing World”View Report
2021-22One Day Training on E-Resources and Searching TeachniquesView Report
2021-223-Day online workshop for non-teaching staffView Report
2020-21Big Data Analytics Using IOTView Report
2020-21Mathematical Sciences: Challenges, Applications & Future Directions In IndiaView Report
2020-21Achieving Work Life Balance In The New NormalView Report
2020-21अपार कुछ भी नहींView Report
2020-21Low Mood & AnxietyView Report
2020-21Understanding The Global Strides In The Fight Against Covid 19View Report
2020-21Women-The Ultimate Sufferer During CovidView Report
2020-21How To Fight Covid Through MeditationView Report
2020-21Post Covid Recovery, Vaccine & Black FungusView Report
2020-21Covid Care In The Times Of PandemicView Report
2020-21Mental Health Problem In Current Covid TimesView Report
2020-21Real Education of GeniusesView Report
2020-21Holistic Wellness SessionView Report
2020-21Vtamin D during and post COVID-19 EraView Report
2020-21Lasting Peace Amidst Raising StormsView Report
2020-21Feminist Perspective On Peace StudiesView Report
2020-21Solid Waste Management View Report
2020-21A New Look At Energy And SustainabilityView Report
2020-21Agriculture Marketing Reforms In The Context Of Centre State RelationsView Report
2020-21Cost And Meaning Of Freedom And Expectations From CountrymenView Report
2020-21Wildlife week celebration: Wonderful Wilderness - Conservation Challenges in 21st Century : Scientific Solution in PerspectivesView Report
2020-21One Day Workshop on Library Automation Software (SOUL 2.0)View Report
2020-21International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials & Devices AFMD-2021View Report
2020-21National Conference on“Recent Advances in Functional Materials (RAFM-2020)”View Report
2020-21Refresher Course On “Cinema, Society And Education”View Report
2020-21Handling and Maintenance of Equipment’s in UG LabsView Report
2020-21Kautilya’s Arthashastra: Philosophy of StrategyView Report
2020-21Career Advancement Scheme Promotion CAS 2010 & 2018View Report
2020-21राष्ट्रभाषा की समस्या और हिंदीView Report
2019-20Research Methodology: An OverviewView Report
2019-20Professional Etiquettes At WorkplaceView Report
2019-20E-Content Design and DeliveryView Report
2019-20Mind Management MantrasView Report
2019-20फिल्मों में गीत लेखन : अवसर और चुनौतियांView Report
2019-20Cyber Security Awareness- How To Protect Yourself And Your Business OnlineView Report
2019-20Online Teaching And Learning TechnologyView Report
2019-20Application Of Journal Suggester And Mendeley In ResearchView Report
2019-20Artificial IntelligenceView Report
2019-20Advertising Industry: Past, Present And FutureView Report
2019-20Indian Writing In English: Need For New PerspectivesView Report
2019-20Future Of International Business Post Covid EraView Report
2019-20How to Stay Happy in Uncertainty 2.0View Report
2019-20लॉकडाउन और रचनात्मकताView Report
2019-20वैश्विक महामारी बनाम सूचनाओं की अराजकताView Report
2019-20महामारी काल में डिप्रेशनView Report
2019-20Building Resilience During The Time Of UncertaintyView Report
2019-20Ayurveda Perspective On Covid 19View Report
2019-20Demystifying The Corona Virus: Good News For INDIAView Report
2019-20Revisiting Wellbeing During LockdownView Report
2019-20Being Socially Responsible At This Time Of PanademicView Report
2019-20Covid 19: Managing UncertaintiesView Report
2019-20covid-19: facts, fiction, and the road aheadView Report
2019-20Role Of Ayurveda In Management Of Covid-19View Report
2019-20कोरोना – वैश्विक महामारी बनाम आयुर्वेदView Report
2019-20Corona Crisis: A Gandhian PerspectiveView Report
2019-20Language Technology and Role of Literature Departments in IndiaView Report
2019-20Digital Security In Online WorldView Report
2019-20Engendering Migration During Covid Crisis: ReflectionsView Report
2019-20कोरोना काल में मन : संकट से समाधान तकView Report
2019-20Stress Management During LockdownView Report
2019-20रंगमंच और आज की चुनौतियाँView Report
2019-20Changing Scenario On Covid 19: Impact On The Mental HealthView Report
2019-20How to Stay Happy In UncertaintyView Report
2019-20How To Combat Anxiety, Depression and Fear Amid Covid-19 PandemicView Report
2019-20Conserve Water: Need Of Future GenerationView Report
2019-20Economic Impact of Covid-19View Report
2019-20Impact Of Lockdown & Covid-19 On Financial Markets In India: The Way ForwardView Report
2019-20Higher Education in India after Covid-19View Report
2019-20Road Safety Awareness ProgramView Report
2019-20Casteless Society To Casteless India: Bhimrao AmbedkarView Report
2019-20Gender And Social Security: Emerging Issues And Concerns In Post Covid ScenarioView Report
2019-20Care For Earth: Thy SurvivalView Report
2019-20Partition Literature: Themes And ChallengesView Report
2019-20ज्ञान केंद्रित समाज की अवधारणा और नई शिक्षा नीतिView Report
2019-20Revisiting Gramsci And AlthusserView Report
2019-20आत्म कथा में स्त्रीView Report
2019-20FDP on Research Methodology: Tools & TechniquesView Report
2019-20FDP on - Counseling & Mentoring Skills for TeachersView Report
2019-20National Conference on“New Trends in Nanotechnology and Applications NTNA-2020”View Report
2019-20पुस्तक के बहाने साहित्य परिचर्चाView Report
2019-20वैश्विक परिप्रेक्ष्य में हिंदी शिक्षणView Report
2019-20Leave RulesView Report
2019-20Role Of Mathematics In Covid-19: Existing Literature, Outcomes, And Challenges In Various DirectionView Report
2019-20भूमण्डलीकरण के दौर में हिंदीView Report
2019-20Baaton Baaton Mein Bhavnaatmak KalyanaView Report
2019-203 Days workshop"The Digital Turn in Education: A New Pattern in Teaching-Learning Practices"View Report
2019-20Economic Dimensions Impact On Covid-19 Crisis- A Challenge In South Asian CountriesView Report
2019-20One Day Workshop on Library Automation SoftwareView Report
2019-20गांधी का मानव बोधView Report
2018-19One-week Faculty Development Program on Sustainable DevelopmentView Report
2018-19National Conference on“New Trends in Nanotechnology and Applications NTNA-2018”View Report
2018-19Training Program on Stock VerificationView Report
2017-18Work shop on - Practical Implications of GSTView Report
2017-18Training on Physics Laboratory Equipment’sView Report
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