Enactus-Activity Reports

Academic YearName of the Workshop/ seminar/ ConferenceReport of the Program
2021-22Introduction to Case Study Analysis WorkshopView Report
2021-22Little Seeds NGO VisitView Report
2021-22Project Samvedna Feild VisitView Report
2021-22Kaushal 21View Report
2021-22ConclaveXView Report
2021-22Ennovate-2022 MovieverseView Report
2021-22Wager of Cognition - Case Study CompetitionView Report
2021-22Speaker Session on Social Start-ups MentorshipView Report
2021-22Speaker Session on Entrepreneurial Action in the Healthcare IndustryView Report
2020-21Enactus ARSD’s Website LaunchView Report
2020-21Donation Drive-2021View Report
2020-21Sociopreneur Summit- Speaker Session on Social EntrepreneurshipView Report
2020-21Sociopreneur Summit- Speaker Session on Passion to Purpose View Report
2020-21Sociopreneur Summit- Global Enactus Students’ Interaction View Report
2020-21Scio QuestView Report
2019-20Sulabh International Social Service OrganisationView Report
2019-20Ennovate-2020View Report
2019-20Anti- Plastic WeekView Report
2019-20Donation Drive-2019View Report
2019-20Panademic PersuitsView Report
2019-20Kaushal 19View Report
2018-19Social Entrepreneurship: CSR and BeyondView Report
2018-19Donation Drive-2018View Report
2018-19Stall at World Book FairView Report
2018-19Kaushal 18View Report
2017-18Kaushal -2017View Report
2017-18Women’s Day 2018 - कौशल - हुनर से आत्मनिर्भरता तकView Report
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