Art and Craft Society

The purpose of the Art and Craft society in ARSD College is to ensure all-round personality development of the students of the College .The attempt is made by the Society to enhance the artistic traits of the students, and identify and encourage those with an inclination to any arts or crafts of their choice.

To keep up with all of these objectives, the Society organized competitions on finger painting,“best out of waste,” and bookmark making on 30 August 2017 in the new computer labs of the College.There were 20 registrations in the finger painting competition,7 entries in the “best out of waste”, and 15 entries in bookmark making competition. The event was judged by Dr. Jaya Tomar from the Department of Chemistry,ARSD College and Dr.RenuKeer from the Department of Political Science, ARSD College.The prizes were given to the winners by our esteemed patron, Dr Gyantosh Kumar Jha, Principal,ARSD College.

As a token of respect and appreciation to the effort being put by the teachers in nation building, bookmarks were distributed to all the members of the teaching staff on 5 September 2017 in a programme organized by the Cultural Society of the College.The bookmarks were designed and made by the members of Arteysania.

Arteysania conducted a workshop on earring making and flower making on 19 January 2017 in Seminar Room 2 of the college. The instructor of the workshop was Ms. HuziDewan. She is an alumnus of the College who is continuously organizing workshops and displays for sale from time to time for social causes. There were 24 registrations in all for the workshop. The students fully benefitted from the knowledge of the expert and the same was reflected in the earrings and flowers made by the participants.

Arteysania organized an educational trip to the SurajKundMela on 9 February 2018. The objective of the trip was to give an exposure to the variety of handicrafts of India to the members of the Society. There were 34 students who were a part of the group. The group also included Dr, Anjali Gupta,Convenor of the Society and Dr.RenuKeer from Department of Political Science, Member of the Society.The students thoroughly enjoyed the varied and exhaustive display of handicrafts in the Mela.On display were handicrafts from all over India and abroad too. Special emphasis was placed on the handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh this year.

The Society in the month of March has proposed to conduct workshops on speed painting and sketching. Also it proposes to conduct a competition on t-shirt painting in the College.

Convener:Dr Anjali Gupta

Member: Dr.RenuKeer

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